Even the “original states” were also Chartered Corporations

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On Mar 20, 2015, at 6:13 AM, given-cynthia <given.cynthia@his.com> wrote:

If you do the ‘deep digging’ you will find that even the “original states” were also Chartered Corporations, i.e. Virginia Company…

Run and Managed by Barrons, i.e. Lord Baltimore was the ‘head’ of Maryland…

read ALL of the your respective state founding documents, most available online with your respective state archives web site

1776 was NOT the “independence” that you may think it was… but rather the Lords and Barrons claiming their own ‘independence’

while they continued their own ‘rule over’ the “common man”…

only ‘fremen’ or ‘free men’ were in fact not ‘under’ a “Governor” or “Lord” etc.

and typically they were Land Holders or Owners

look at your own property documents, you should notice a curious term,

‘tenant’ – research it

as well as ‘district’ which is the “government designation” for ‘where’ your “land” is

‘district’ means it…

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