New Year Resolve For Our Nation: Make Choices Not Excuses


The New Year is a time for reflection, communion and resolution. Gathered over coffee and laptops, my family is immersed in the precious gift of time together. Missing is my oldest daughter, a young physician, who is on call at the VA Hospital. My three youngest daughters are studying. Faith, family, hard work, education, and blessings of liberty are pillars of our great nation that sustain my family.

My father taught me that I could achieve anything through hard work and education. He is living proof of what he preaches, having grown up poor in a two bedroom rental with no electricity or indoor plumbing but motivated by an American Dream that promised freedom of opportunity, freedom to prosper, the potential to work and keep the fruits of one’s labor, the freedom to acquire private property, to innovate, create, and worship freely. This was all possible for every single American…

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