The Radical Feminist Movement In America


The Radical Feminist Movement In America

August 23rd, 2014 via Suthen_boy
    Preface: I realize the title might connote misogyny but that certainly is neither the case nor the purpose of this blog.  Rather, I feel that it’s important to understand the pervasiveness and consequences of Cultural Marxism in America today and the radical feminist movement is a powerful group based upon and significantly influenced by its insidious ideology.   The radical feminist movement is a major component of the Cultural Marxist’s continuing social revolution to destroy America’s culture and traditions then supplant them with their ideology. Their revolution is based on a matriarchal theory wherein females dominate American culture while males are relegated to subservient roles.
The Movement Accelerates: The radical feminist movement gained momentum during the ‘60s counter culture revolution at which time its slogan, “all life is political” was adopted. It was taken from a quote by Antonio Gramsci, 1891-1937, an Italian Marxist intellectual and politician who was instrumental in contributing to the basic tenets of cultural Marxism.
Influence and Effects: Since the mid 60s the movement has intensified to the point where the feminization of American culture is almost complete. Examples of its broad influence include the following:

  • Major television shows and movies include a female power figure while their plots and characters emphasize the male’s inferiority and the female’s superiority
  • Movies, television shows and commercials often portray males as idiots while young men are often being portrayed as lazy slackers who love to party and chase women
  • An obvious heterosexual virile male is typically portrayed as an ignorant, crude, beer swilling lout at a NASCAR or other such event
  • Traditional figures of masculine power, e.g., super heroes, rugged cowboys and cops are portrayed as part of the gay culture
  • The military continues to expand opportunities for women that have been accompanied by double standards and then lowered standards causing a decline in enlistment of young men
  • Government-mandated employment preferences and practices that benefit women and use the threat of “sexual harassment” charges as a weapon to keep men in line
  • Women’s gender studies are proliferating in academia; affirmative action is applied directly or indirectly in admissions and employment
  • Affirmative action and sensitivity training relative to women in the workplace are mandatory in the public sector and dominant in the private sector
  • Public schools are increasingly emphasizing feminist “self awareness” and “self-esteem” while learning fundamental disciplines of education are in rapid decline
  • Presidential candidates pander to the women vote by being portrayed as soft, gentle, emotion-driven men sufficiently in touch with their feelings whereby all women across America would feel “comfortable” in their care
  • The media sees today’s man as a touchy-feely subspecies lacking in confidence, bowing to the radical feminist agenda, and a product of Hollywood, TV sitcoms, movies, and political pundits on talk shows
  • Today’s magazines for men, e.g., Esquire, GQ, and Verge are geared towards a feminized male whose interests lie in new fragrances, beauty products and procedures, effeminate styled clothing and jewelry, and generally in appearing pretty while the rugged guy of old in denim jeans is passé.

The Origin: In order to better understand this trend of feminization by radical feminists seeking to destroy their perceived male-dominated hierarchy it is important to know its history, the underlying ideology, and the pervasiveness of Cultural Marxism, i.e., today’s Multiculturalism or Progressivism, as set forth in this blog. I’ve written extensively on Cultural Marxism and its founders at the Frankfurt School. Detailed information is available at
The founding Cultural Marxists believed that human society was divided into two basic groups: the privileged oppressor and the marginalized oppressed that included not only those who were economically oppressed, but also women, racial minorities and criminals. The key component in their goal to destroy the culture of Western Civilization was to reverse the correlation of power from the privileged to the marginalized. The Cultural Marxist would then exploit the previously oppressed sub-groups to further propagate their toxic ideology.


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The Radical Feminist Movement In America.


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