A Stranger in the White House


Obama’s Baseless Eligibility Credibility

(how myths, misconceptions, misrepresentations, forgeries, and outright lies produced an unconstitutional President)

april 2012, july 2014

There’s a problem in the White House.

There’s a stranger in the Oval Office and the Secret Service doesn’t know exactly who he is.

They haven’t done any background check to determine whether or not he might pose a threat, but they are restrained from ordering him to leave because he happens to be the President.

They view him through suspicious eyes even though he was elected to office, because they know that any & every U.S. citizen is not eligible to hold the office of the Commander-in-Chief, and it would appear that he is one of those who isn’t.

They know also that any & every citizen is not acceptable to guard the President because they themselves had to pass a deep and thorough Yankee White Single Scope Background…

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