Dems’ ‘don’t impeach Obama’ email backfires


Suddenly, millions of Americans talking about ousting president

Published: DREW ZAHN via WorldNetDaily


A long-time strategy of the political left has been to take its most threatening opponents – and those enemies’ most damaging arguments – and mock them, as though they’re ludicrous to even consider.Usually, the bullying technique results in marginalizing the opponent and silencing his or her arguments.But sometimes, it backfires.A recent Democratic National Committee email to supporters, for example, attempted to blackball four Republican congressmen for daring to suggest President Obama could be impeached for repeated violations of the Constitution.“Republicans are actually excited about the idea,” the email scoffed. “Show these Republicans they are way, way off-base.”But the email may have gotten more attention than the DNC intended.Highlighted by WND, the Daily Caller, Fox News and the Drudge Report, the email has now been seen by tens of millions of Americans.

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2 thoughts on “Dems’ ‘don’t impeach Obama’ email backfires

  1. Careful, it may be a ruse to ambush the Republicans into impeaching him before the situation is ready. The Senate as it is now will never, never, vote to oust Obama from office. Remember when Feinstein got mad because she discovered the CIA had poked around in her staff’s computers? I wonder whether she said something about the Snowden revelations.

    Congressmen are already under threat from shadowy forces in background anyway, which means they stand between the government and the voters, and you know which ones are which. But remember the Dems threw Dennis Kucinich under the bus for daring to draw up a bill with Ron Paul to impeach Obama (Bush too). They threw the FBI at Democrat Party Traficante for his loud exposure of the Clintons.

    • Thank you! I fear you’re right. I am leaning towards the opinion that he should be arrested instead, as impeachment would legitimize his Presidency. Whereas, I believe an arrest would nullify every legislation and regulation taht he has put his name to

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