Sharia law in the UK

~~Defender of Faith~Guardian of Truth~~

By United Shades of Britain

When someone mentions Sharia law there is a frisson that goes through many people’s minds. Ideas percolate to the surface: stonings; amputations; beheadings. Brutal acts perpetrated by cruel, backward men, more often than not on women. For many people this is Sharia law.
If you read the tabloids you would think that this law and these acts are imminent in the UK:MUSLIMS DEMAND FULL SHARIA LAW screams one headline; 1 in 3 British Muslim students back killing for Islam and 40% want Sharia law declares another. This fear of Sharia law being fully implemented in the UK is also traded on by Islamaphobic organisations. Resisting Sharia law is one of the cornerstones of the English Defence League’s beliefs. “Sharia,” they say, “is most definitely a threat to our democracy… and [we] will actively work to eradicate the sharia (sic) -compliant behaviours that are…

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