A Patriot’s Optimism

A Patriot’s Optimism

Blazer's Corner

A Patriot’s Optimism


We live in a time when a Peace Prize recipient aggressively lobbies for a war against a foe who has not attacked us.  We are being asked to authorize an attack to kill Syrians for the crime of killing Syrians, to teach them a lesson about the manner in which they kill Syrians.  We live in a time, when a billion dollar media machine is working overtime to manufacture consent for Obama’s war designs.  The distrust which the majority of Americans now feel  for Obama’s bellicose desires, is born in part of war weariness.   Another facet of America’s distrust for Obama’s hunger for war, stems from the apparent hypocrisy, or flip-flopping, that one observes between President Obama, and Candidate Obama.  You’ll recall that the latter ran on an anti-war platform.  The distrust is also fueled by the avalanche of whistle-blowers who have disclosed the many abuses perpetrated…

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